What are the videos that you should start with when you’re looking at your marketing?

The videos that you should start with when looking at your marketing are “The Big Why” or an “About Us” video. This explains the reason why people get into business, and it brings out humanity in a good way because they warmed up to us while watching this one!

Another type of great rapport-building resource is an “Overview Video” This communicates what problem our solutions will address for them; if we can fix their issue then chances are high that many more customers may convert on contact number two.

With so many new things vying for attention online, it’s important to offer people video content they want. That’s what a good overview video does. It’s the kind of video that give viewers an idea of what your company has on offer without getting into too much detail or spending ages talking at length about some unrelated topic.

Learn more about a Big Why Video here: https://feedstories.com/big-why-video

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