People are insatiable in their appetite for fresh, helpful, entertaining content. Creating Consumable Video satisfies this demand by regularly publishing your expertise on social media feeds.

If you were to ask successful business owners what one of their top priorities is, they would tell you how important it is to keep an ongoing dialogue with their customers and greater audience. If you’ve gone through the effort of prospecting, nurturing, selling and closing people, then an equal or even greater amount of effort must be done to keep those customers engaged with your brand.

ConsumableĀ VideosĀ are generally short-term use videos published frequently and consistently to your social media feeds. These short, punchy videos are designed to deliver ongoing value to your audience and establish you as an influencer – which encourages people to share your content and start the process of sales and nurturing all over again with new prospects.

When it comes to creating Consumable Videos, the biggest hurdle people have is feeling like they don’t know what to say, or they don’t have enough to say. The real hurdle is they simply don’t know how to get out what is in their heads, which is a refreshingly easy process once you have a director and coach to draw you out.

Below are examples of Consumable Videos that can be used on your YouTube channel, email, or on Social Media. They are used to build your brand, deliver content, and inform your potential buyers about a particular subject.