Scrap Your Video Script!

Today we’re going to take a burden off your shoulders. We’re telling to never use a script for your video marketing.

Is a script a good way to make sure your videos are on point? Yes, but it can also be a crutch. Video scripts can keep you from being spontaneous and natural in your videos, which will make them feel stiff and forced. If you’re having trouble getting started, try outlining your points instead of scripting them word for word. This will help you stay on track without making your videos feel too scripted.

People cringe at the sound of the word “video script” because it immediately makes us think of stiff, formal videos that don’t feel authentic or genuine.

Another downside to using video scripts is that they can be difficult to memorize. If you stumble over your words or forget what you’re supposed to say, it will be very obvious to your viewers. Instead, try practicing your delivery until you’re confident you can deliver your lines without stumbling.

Video scripts can also be limiting. They often dictate the pacing and direction of your video, which can lead to videos that feel stiff and robotic. If you want your videos to feel more natural, film without a script. This will give you more freedom to explore different ideas and topics.

Feedstories uses a Q&A approach. We believe that as a business owner you have conversations with your customers every day and you can do this all day, so why not mimic this real-life situation and do it on camera?

The best thing is video is forgiving, and you can edit it to be a perfect delivery of your message EVERY TIME.

So leave video scripts for the actors. Let’s just have a conversation and watch how much authenticity oozes from your video!

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