Video Story Day

Get Your Comprehensive Video Story Package Filmed In Just One Day

You already know you need to be publishing original video content, but like most people you don’t have the time or the expertise to get it done. Feedstories solves the problem with our unique expedited method of capturing and producing content.

Our Video Story Day concierge service is designed to maximize your time by getting everything we need from you in just one day of filming. You won’t have to learn any technology, memorize scripts, or hire a video, sound & production crew.

Video Story Days are designed for busy CEOs, executives, and business owners to magically “download” their brain onto film through a carefully crafted interview process that's as easy as sitting down for coffee and conversation with a friend.

We've condensed into one day what normally takes months to produce. All you have to do is relax and allow a skilled video team to capture your expertise - and make you look fantastic in the process.

"We rely on Feedstories to help us sell expensive, high end seminars, programs, engagements, coaching, consulting and things that are not easy to explain to people. What Bob and Brandon are really good at is pulling out the essential details of a story, putting it together, expressing it, communicating it, and getting people to take action."

Perry Marshall,

What's Included In The Video Story Day Package

Pre-Day Preparation

  • Pre-Day discovery  & planning session to identify your objectives, brand story and unique position in the market  
  • Overview of the 7 different types of videos that will be produced for you that are designed to get attention and get shared online
  • Creation of your customized video shot list so that all of the important aspects of your brand story are not missed 
  • Our crew can come to your location or choose from our Chicago or Denver studio locations within 60 minutes from the major airports 
  • Minimal or zero preparation is needed before arrival - we guide and direct you through the entire day

Full Day of Filming

  • Your lodging, all meetings and filming are conveniently carried out at a top rated Air B&B location so that there is no unnecessary commuting 
  • All meals, snacks and beverages are provided so that your energy stays high and your day is as productive as possible 
  • Our videographers and sound and lighting engineers are vetted and hand-chosen for their expertise in capturing stories in an effective, compelling way
  • Media training and coaching are included on-site so that you are thoroughly prepared to deliver your best story 
  • You'll receive an individualized video implementation plan designed for you to get the most leverage out of your freshly minted videos in your sales funnel
  • Training on our remote video technology so that creating ongoing content is as easy as pulling out your smartphone

Production & Publishing

  • Your videos are edited and ready to publish within one week so that you can finally begin to satisfy the demand for original content
  • You'll receive a tailor-made video implementation plan designed for you to get the highest leverage out of your newly produced videos in your video sales funnel
  • Scheduled ongoing remote video sessions so that you can feed your channels with fresh, original, shareable content 

"It feels like a real conversation. You guys are very good at interviewing and it takes a big burden off me to not have to think of everything I need to say. I just literally show up and sit down and its all taken care of. I like that."

Mark McShurley, Co-Founder -

"Anybody can shoot video. I've taken courses and I've shot some myself, but the actual content is an entirely different matter and that's what I came expecting. I'm very impressed with what I've seen."

Les Cseh, CEO -

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  • Sell big ticket programs and events over $5000
  • Grow from a small regional brand to a major national brand
  • Produce 18 months of content in one half-day of filming
  • Decrease their cost per click by 81.4%
  • Achieve a 3.2X return on ad spend