Virtual Film Crew

With Feedstories Virtual Film Crew, you now have a videographer, director and producer on call when you need them - all in your back pocket.

Now you can finally satisfy the ongoing demand for fresh, shareable video content without spending thousands of dollars on your own equipment or hiring a video crew every month to film.

Feedstories Virtual Film Crew is the answer to getting content created on a consistent basis - quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

By utilizing  just your smartphone, a Feedstories Director connects with you at a scheduled time and uses your phone's HD camera to film you. Your director is there to make sure the shot looks good, sound good and help you communicate what needs to be captured on film. 

When your session is finished (usually anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes), the director uploads your film footage directly off your phone to our editors, and you're done. Within a short time, your newly minted videos are delivered and ready for publishing.

Marketing Departments love us because we help them expand their company's digital footprint without a huge expense or long-term commitment. Agencies love us because we can get them what they need fast to publish and promote for your campaigns. 

The barrier for creating & publishing consistent, consumable, branded content just got removed. 

Virtual Film Crew Makes Getting All Types Of Video Done Quickly & Easily:


You don't have to hire a full film crew every time you want to capture a testimonial from a raving fan.  Just tell us what you want your customer to talk about and we'll take it from there.

  • Non local and international clients
  • Schedule at their convenience
  • We manage the entire experience

Case Studies

Take testimonials even further by creating persuasive case studies.  We'll film when it's convenient and create a compelling narrative for choosing your company over your competition.

  • Demonstrate your problem-solving process
  • Illustrate results achieved
  • Attract customers that are experiencing the same problem


Recording how things work, answering questions, and performing demonstrations are painless and easy when you have someone directing and coaching you.  

  • Product demos & tutorials
  • Frequently asked questions
  • "Why" or "About Us"


Introduce a new product, create a virtual tour of your facility, show off a luxury home all on-demand and at your convenience.

  • Highlight a real estate listing
  • Tour a travel destination or facility
  • Demo a new product


When people are looking to you to provide insights on current events, thinking, and practices in your industry, there is zero time to hesitate. 

  • Comment on recent events
  • Highlight a unique experience 
  • Address trending topics 


Create and broadcast your seasonal offers, flash sales, and product launches faster than your competition can keep up.

  • Announce an upcoming event
  • Launch a new product/service
  • Broadcast a special offer 

"We were worried that we wouldn't be the appropriate people to be in front of the camera, but the Feedstories team helped us feel super comfortable."

John and Justin,  SaaS Co-Founders

What's Included In All Virtual Film Crew Packages:

Pre-Session Setup

  • We ship the exact tripod, mic, and lighting equipment you need directly to you or your client 
  • Download our free remote video app on your smartphone for capturing your video 
  • Pre-Session planning call with your Shot Manager to scout your filming environment, test the tech, and answer your questions
  • Minimal preparation is needed before your shoot - no more than 30 minutes - and we guide and direct you through the entire remote session

Remote Video Sessions

  •  Remote video sessions are flexible and set around your schedule so that creating consistent and original content becomes easy
  • Remotes sessions usually last from 30-60 minutes
  • We remotely direct and film 1080p HD video directly through your smart phone's camera using our app
  • During your remote session, you'll see your director on your smartphone's screen so that they can coach you through the entire shoot

Editing & Production

  • When your session is complete, your videos are remotely uploaded off of your phone and sent to our editing team
  • Your videos are produced and ready to  publish to your digital channels 
  • Creative elements such as your logo are integrated into your final videos so that they stay consistent with your brand

"Utilizing this technology, the shoots can be very concise at a time that's convenient for me. And the fact that Feedstories makes sure all of our content is edited and uploaded to our social media takes all the guesswork out of it for us."

Shanyn Stewart, Advanced Accounting