How To Make Yourself Referable

In this special interview, Bob Regnerus interviews Michael Roderick of Small Pond Enterprises about how to make yourself referrable.

In this video Michael reveals a tool that any service professional can use to get more high-intent, incoming prospect flow through referrals.

Most business professionals get this all wrong and there’s no system in place. Michael teaches you how simple it can be and how you can get this machine sending you new people month after month.

Then, for good measure, Michael turned the tables and interview Bob Regnerus on his Access to Anyone Podcast and talked about ways to better engage your audience through storytelling. Bob talks about cultivating an environment of knowledge-sharing between entrepreneurs, approaching a mistake from a different angle, and how to establish a personal connection with your audience.

  • Bob talks about the origin of his passion for coaching — and how he wove it into the marketing business
  • Why a support system is a key to success
  • Bob discusses the importance of networking with other entrepreneurs to build better ideas
  • How to carry out authenticity across your brand environment
  • Bob shares why finding blame cultivates a structure of broken trust — and why being genuine matters the most
  • How to scale your brand by engaging your audience through video storytelling
  • Bob describes the benefit of showcasing unique views to connect with your consumer
  • The best piece of advice Bob ever received

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