How To Save Time and Get Multiple Videos Done Via Batching

Here’s some tips on not only getting video done, but getting multiple videos done in one shot.

Getting video equipment set up and set just right could take 10-20 minutes. So given that it takes that much time, we always insist with our clients that they plan on filming 3-5 videos at one time when they are producing content for social media or their YouTube channel.

We actually have 2-3 dozen clients in a given month who have a set appointment with us. They show up at the same time/day each month and it’s part of a routine. This is a great help in making sure content gets produced for your business on a regular basis. Plus, knowing you are knocking out 3-5 videos, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment to get so much done in a little amount of time.

So, we’re not just shooting one video, we shoot several. So our clients love coming into a session with an outline of the videos they will shoot, and we film them one after the other. Not only does this save time, it allows you to get into a performance rhythm and the quality of your videos starts to improve as your performance and comfort level improves!

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