Here’s What You Need To Do Before You Start Talking On Camera

How do you get in the right frame of mind before appearing on camera?

It’s natural for people to feel nervous when they are about to be filmed, but there are a few things that can help you calm your nerves and make it easier for you.

Even people we’ve been filming for four or five years on a regular basis, can’t start off well. They need to warm up. So one of the things Brandon does is they have a conversation about what they had for breakfast and it’s silly. And every time we ask it, they laugh. Right? It’s funny.

But that’s also part of one of our tricks is humor. When you laugh, it helps with some of the adrenaline because when you get in front of the camera and you haven’t been in front of a while, you’ve got this anxiety built up and that you got some adrenaline flowing. And so one of the things that we like to do is part of that warm-up.

When we’re asking you what you have for breakfast and we’re joking around, what you’re doing is releasing some of that adrenaline you’ve got flowing through your body, and you’re also throwing off some of that nervous energy. Nervous energy makes you talk real fast and sound winded.

So, be sure to get in the right frame of mind before you go on camera.

Here’s some other ideas. First, you could try some light exercise or meditation. This will release any pent up stress hormones from your body which will make it much more comfortable getting on camera.

Second, if possible have someone who is with you while filming tell jokes or funny stories because laughter releases tension and makes the person laughing feel happy again! If these two tips don’t work then try taking deep breaths before going live–this helps slow down our heart rate.

How do you get comfortable before going on camera?

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