When people are looking to build rapport they are essentially searching for common ground – they are subconsciously looking for reasons to be drawn to you or to exclude you. During the process of filming your Core Story Videos, we ask questions to discover and capture the common ground and connection points you have with your core customers and audience.

Because of the overwhelming amount of information, advertising, and messaging a human being gets on a daily basis, we are adding filters to how we process information. People don’t read anymore – they skim. If given the choice over reading about your business or watching a video about your business, watching a video will most likely win every time. Utilizing video effectively is the way you’re going to differentiate your business from a sea of competitors.

Core Story Videos are evergreen videos that are the foundation of your brand’s platform – designed to communicate who you are, ‘your big why’ and what you offer the marketplace. Core Story video can include your personal and company backstory, mission, and product/service demonstrations, frequently asked questions, and more.

Core Story Videos can also do some of the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to answering questions and objections about your product or service. If there are common objections and questions that can be answered in a well-constructed video, you solve the problem of customers getting mixed messages and misinformation about you.

Below are examples of Core Story Videos that can be used on your YouTube channel, website, email, or on Social Media. They are longer length videos that tell a story about a program, person, event, or concept. They support the sale, but generally have a longer lifespan.