Client Case Studies


Perry Marshall

Author, speaker and business/marketing thought leader looking to increase engagement and sales of high ticket programs and events to his customers

Perry came to the realization that he had been severely ignoring video as a medium to engage his customers. We developed a strategy to use video to help reach people on mobile devices and show the ads in the Facebook news feed. 

  • For every hour Perry spends in our studio, he generates 15 videos
  • Each video is published and promoted on 5 different digital channels
  • For Facebook promotions utilizing the video we produced, Perry experiences and average of 3.2X return on ad spend



Virginia based roofing company scaling from being a small regional business to a nationally recognized brand with a mission to set new standards for the entire industry

Roofsimple is a roofing company with a mission to brand themselves not only as the leading contractor in Northern Virginia, but also nationwide. They plan to revolutionize the roofing industry with their unique processes and superior roofing method.

  • Roofsimple is incorporating video to recruit and train highly skilled staff in an extremely competitive marketplace
  • Roofsimple is leveraging video to support their mission of setting new standards of quality and service in the roofing industry
  • They are the only roofing company in the area to utilize high quality video to present themselves as the clear and obvious choice among dozens of competitors


Dr Michael Ling

Dental practice owner in Canada looking to enhance his lead generation with Deep Funnel Nurturing on Facebook and Instagram to increase show-up rates and patient conversion

Dr Ling wants to change how dentistry is done. Hid only advantage in the local market as a start-up practice would be to stand out from the many other practices his patients could choose. All his videos were produced remotely (during the pandemic) without any sacrifice in quality.

  • It's only costing Dr Ling 50 cents to reconnect with every person who enters his marketing funnel
  • Half of every person he reconnects with watches at least one of his videos all the way through
  • People were walking into his practice commenting on what they saw in the videos within ONE week


ASAP Checks

Check printing business with facilities in the US and Canada taking on the giants of the check industry to deliver a better overall customer experience

ASAP Checks is competing against two giant check providers as well as every bank in Canada and in the United States. They were  looking for a way to create a competitive advantage by comparing and contrasting  their services against the big providers.  

  • ASAP Checks spent a half day in our studios which produced enough video content for 18 months and counting
  • ASAP Checks videos ads cost per click (CPC) is 81.4% less than the Facebook average CPC
  • ASAP Checks is using video as a competitive advantage to differentiate themselves from their competition

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