How To Sell Anything With Video Workshop

October 6, 2021

Congratulations on completing your Training!

Here is your game plan...

  1. Complete your workbook
  2. Finish your practice video
  3. Schedule your Review and Coaching Session with Brandon and Bob
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Here is a copy of the Workshop slides


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Bonus Training: 3 Types of Video Every Business Needs

Bonus Training: Supercharging Your Practice With Video

This is a training we did for a group of Functional Medical Doctors. 

You can watch the whole training, but there's some overlap. I marked 4 sections you might be interested in

Leveraging Video to Create Trust

Case Studies and Testimonials 

5 Reasons Why Your Videos Aren’t Working 

Common Video Questions

42:16 to 1:10:03

1:10:04 to 1:14:55

1:14:56 to 01:19:19

1:19:20 to 01:23:47

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