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In This 4-Part Training Series, You’ll Learn About Building Highly Responsive Facebook Ad Campaigns That Deliver The Right Content At The Right Time To The Right Audience. This training was delivered to thousands of Entrepreneur.com subscribers.
You also get a BONUS module on iOS 14.5 Changes - See Below

Part 1 - Building a Perfect Audience To Attract Your Best Customers on Facebook
Are you targeting your very best prospects on Facebook?
Discover types of audiences to target that don’t require hours of research.

Part 2 - How To Leverage Facebook’s Advertising Algorithm To Maximize Results
Facebook is scary good at giving advertisers exactly what they ask for. 
Learn to engage Facebook’s AI for different types of objectives and eliminate advertising waste.

Part 3 - How To Engage and Convert More Buyers With Magnetic Ad Creative
Did you know that 80% of your Facebook advertising success is based on your ad creative?
Focus on the important elements of your creative and help you generate a never-ending flow of ideas.

Part 4 - Facebook Advertising Blueprints For Every Kind of Business
In this webinar, Bob shares blueprints and strategies that are applicable for any kind of business,
plus shares 7 detailed strategies that will give any Facebook Advertiser a fast start on their campaigns.

BONUSWhat Facebook Advertisers Need To Know About the Apple iOS 14.5 Rollout

In this webinar, Bob and Mark Ingles share what you need to know about the impending iOS 14.5 rollout and what you need to do in order to minimize impact to your Facebook campaigns.

Feedstories Co-Founder Bob Regnerus is the author of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising 4th Edition

Now in its fourth edition, Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising takes you further than Facebook itself by exploring what happens before customers click on your ads and what needs to happen after―10 seconds later, 10 minutes later, and in the following days and weeks.

In the Guide, you'll discover how to:

o Maximize your ad ROI with newsfeeds, videos, and branded content
o Create custom audiences from your contact lists, video views, and page engagement
o Use the Facebook Campaign Blueprint proven to generate your first 100 conversions
o Boost your Facebook ads using the Audience Network and Instagram
o Follow the three-step formula for successful video ads
o Maximize campaigns and increase conversions on all traffic to your website
o Track and retarget engaged users by leveraging the Power of the Pixel
o Make every page on your website 5-10 percent more effective overnight

View Client Case Studies...
See How 3 Unique Businesses Are Leveraging Video To Grow Sales
  • Sell big ticket programs and events over $5000
  • Grow from a small regional brand to a major national brand
  • Produce 18 months of content in one half-day of filming
  • Decrease their cost per click by 81.4%
  • Achieve a 3.2X return on ad spend

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