Get Content Videos Planned, Produced, Filmed and Published On Autopilot 

Creating video is problem for experts like you.

You don't know what equipment to get, you don't know what to say on camera, and you have no idea how to get it produced and published.

Wouldn't it be amazing to schedule video like a Zoom meeting? The kind of meeting where you just show up and just answer questions?

That what the Content Machine is designed to do. We handle all the cumbersome and time-consuming tasks of producing video allowing you to focus on just two things : (1) SHOW UP and (2) ANSWER QUESTIONS that you answer every. single. day.

If you are a busy expert and your market demands fresh, ongoing video content - this is for you!

When you publish video on a regular schedule, it will help cement you as an authority in the marketplace. Every hour you spend on camera can produce at least 4 videos that you can use to add to your platform.

Simply book a time with our directors each month, answer questions on camera, and get back professionally edited HD-quality videos in a matter of days. We'll even upload right to your YouTube channel!

"We wanted to work with someone that knew marketing, copywriting, and videography. Someone that could make it look very professional."

Brandon Alamani,

Examples of Content Videos

"You were able to help us view our product from an outsider's perspective and that sparked a lot of conversations...we were able to tell our story more genuinely."

John Li and Justin Chen,

Get Your Content Machine Running Now

Month #1

  • We send you out a video studio in a box that you will keep. It includes a mount, tripods, mic, light and an iPad mini
  • A specialist will lead you in getting your studio setup and your first session recorded
  • Our expert director will lead you in creating a core set of videos: “Big Why”, Overview, and Customer Stories
  • All content is produced by answering questions from your director. You never memorize a script!
  • The director also makes sure your video looks and sounds perfect
  • Editors pull your HD 1080p video from the cloud and professionally edit them with a thumbnail, lower thirds, B-roll, soundtrack, and your logo
  • Our team loads your videos to your YouTube channel and sends you the links to download for other platforms
  • We also produce a caption file and transcript for your use in emails, blog posts, and social media 

Month #2 and Beyond

  • You will use an online scheduling service to book an hour with one of our directors to film your content
  • Each session will focus on a maximum of 4 topics
  • Feedstories will create individual videos on each of those topics
  • We also produce a caption file and transcript for your use in emails, blog posts, and social media 
  • We post the new videos on YouTube with appropriate tagging and descriptions and also send you a download link
  • You can choose the once per month package or unlimited package when you talk with us
  • You have the option of booking content/strategy calls with Bob or Brandon once per month as needed

Schedule a Video Discovery Session To Discuss the Content Machine

"I love the naturalness that they brought out. Feedstories created the perfect introduction to my business!"

Amy Bliss,

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