Case Studies

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Perry Marshall, an author, speaker and business/marketing thought leader looking to increase engagement and sales of high ticket programs and events to his customers

Perry came to the realization that he had been severely ignoring video as a medium to engage his customers. We developed a strategy to use video to help reach people on mobile devices and show the ads in the Facebook news feed. 

  • For every hour Perry spends in our studio, he generates 15 videos
  • Each video is published and promoted on 5 different digital channels
  • For Facebook promotions utilizing the video we produced, Perry experiences and average of 3.2X return on ad spend

Roofing Company

Virginia based roofing company scaling from being a small regional business to a nationally recognized brand with a mission to set new standards for the entire industry

Roofsimple is a roofing company with a mission to brand themselves not only as the leading contractor in Northern Virginia, but also nationwide. They plan to revolutionize the roofing industry with their unique processes and superior roofing method.

  • Roofsimple is incorporating video to recruit and train highly skilled staff in an extremely competitive marketplace
  • Roofsimple is leveraging video to support their mission of setting new standards of quality and service in the roofing industry
  • They are the only roofing company in the area to utilize high quality video to present themselves as the clear and obvious choice among dozens of competitors

Dental Office

Dental practice owner in Canada looking to enhance his lead generation with Deep Funnel Nurturing on Facebook and Instagram to increase show-up rates and patient conversion

Dr Ling wants to change how dentistry is done. Hid only advantage in the local market as a start-up practice would be to stand out from the many other practices his patients could choose. All his videos were produced remotely (during the pandemic) without any sacrifice in quality.

  • It's only costing Dr Ling 50 cents to reconnect with every person who enters his marketing funnel
  • Half of every person he reconnects with watches at least one of his videos all the way through
  • People were walking into his practice commenting on what they saw in the videos within ONE week

Author, Speaker

Direct Marketing legend, author, speaker looking to create compelling content for mastermind product launch using the well-known Product Launch Formula

Brian came to realize that in order to launch his new Titan's Mastermind group, he needed use a medium that was more unfamiliar to him as he has always been a writer and speaker. He  built up excitement for his launch developing pre-launch content videos both remotely and in person.

  • This was the easiest vendor selection Brian ever had
  • Renewal rates for his program were over 70%
  • Used the remote service to develop video content during the pandemic and did in-studio for his second launch
  • Both remote and in-studio had large impact

Debt Solutions

Founder and CEO of First Choice Debt Solutions who helps businesses get out of entrepreneurial poverty.

Ralph's mission is to end entrepreneurial poverty. His company helps clients who are in tough financial positions and seeks to find solutions to ease the stress and find a way out that appeases debtors, creditors, and the client.

  • Show rates for appointments increased from 20% to 60% (a 300% jump!)
  • Videos in nurturing sequence have dramatically increased the close rate
  • Use all the videos in every sequence to answer every objections - converted 20 more clients in 3 months

Mortgage Services

Founder of which is a consumers first choice for a second opinion on getting a mortgage.

A visionary in the mortgage industry, Scott helps consumers with unique financial challenges navigate the red tape and roadblocks in their way of home ownership. Scott is developing a network of experts who will personally handle consumer cases.

  • One of the best creative experiences of his life
  • We take smart professionals with no video experience and make them look and sound great on camera - all remote!
  • Feedback from experts has blown them away in terms of quality and impact

Hospitality Services

Premium provider of full time food and hospitality services to sororities and fraternities across college campuses in the USA

Karen and the team at Campus Cooks wanted to add more depth to their web presence and advertising. The services they provide their clients are experiential and it's critical that video be a part of demonstrating that experience to help prospective clients see Campus Cooks as a premier provider of these services.

  • It was the strategic direction of video that was more critical than the tactical
  • We filmed multiple subjects in a single day to tell a more complete story and introduce more team members to potential clients
  • The process distinguished fears over using multiple subjects and fear of camera


 Canadian Dermatologist who serves clients in Canada and uses Facebook as his primary means of advertising

Dr. Ursel is a graduate of the Video That Sell course and VIP program. He is using video to generate new patient leads on Facebook and wanted to learn how to better tell his story, frame a shot, and publish the videos for greater reach and response. Dr. Ursel creates trust with prospects by being seen on camera.

  • Wanted to produce videos just like those he saw online
  • Learned to do high-quality video with very little equipment and cost
  • Course is very comprehensive and loved support of coaches
  • Was able to implement quickly and see results of his efforts. Generating sub-$2 leads using video

Vocal Coaching

Trains singers and performers using an age-old method to help them advance in their career and get more confidence on stage.

Peter Jacobsen of Total Vocal Freedom wanted to bring some consistency and automation to his selling process. He wanted it running on auto-pilot, so he and his team didn't always have to be monitoring it constantly.

  • Was playing too small and his team urged him to expand
  • Was confidence in the technical and marketing strategy Feedstories bring
  • The conversational style of video production made it very easy
  • The videos produced have heart and humanness and the ROI was a no-brainer

Supplement Company

Mara Labs is a leader in the supplemental space with proprietary formulas that enhance the health of it customers.

David Roberts of Mara Labs wanted a way to more deeply educate consumers about the various supplements they offer. They hired Feedstories to help them produce sales videos and capture engaging stories about their company.

  • It was the right time for them to get into video
  • The style of extracting information was painless
  • Feedstories staff are kind and fun to work with
  • Looking for concise content and quality video
  • Benefit far outweighed the cost

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