Case Study: The Bam! Box

Learn How a Niche Subscription Box Company Became a Major Player In the Collector Market
Return on Advertising Spend
Initial Profit/Visitor
Return Using Retargeting Ads

Launch a New Subscription Box To Collectors Without Going Negative

The Bam Box was founded in 2015 by a team of geeks, comic book lovers and pop culture collectors. They created a monthly subscription box that they would want to showing up on their own doorstep. The Bam Box is the ultimate mystery subscription box that delivers the greatest collectibles, autographs, and limited edition items and exclusives to your doorstep.

The task was to launch a brand new business to the collectors market with very little startup capital and no base of subscribers to start with. Cost per acquisition was key, aiming to generate new subscribers at a profit so they could be rolled into new products for the box and gaining more subscribers month after month.


Facebook Promotions

Facebook was the perfect medium to find and target collectors. We used our Feed Stories process to combine entertaining videos, compelling copy, strong offers, and promoted

You Rock! We could never have launched this business without your help and expertise.

We knew Facebook was the right approach, but we had no idea how to get our stuff seen by the right people. You allowed us to focus on building the business and not have to worry about the technical details of Facebook Advertising. We’re achieving record growth and adding tons of new subscribers every month!

– Adam McArthur, Founder – The Bam Box

Credibility, Traffic, and Attention.

The Bam Box acquires new customers. With a 2.67x Return on Ad Spend, they are able to spend a $1 to get $2.67 back on a front end sale. Essentially, The Bam Box is able to turn a $33 profit on each new subscriber they get from Facebook Advertising.

New memberships flow in each and every month from the ads that have been seen by over 2.9 million collectors and “geeks” since it’s inception.

Retargeting videos that answer FAQs, offering discounts, and customer testimonials produce a 5.1x return on ad spend.

The use of video to connect with the audience has been key. Video allowed Adam to show off his personality and mobilize his audience.
Retargeting unconverted visitors produce a 5.1x return on ad spend. You must retarget unconverted traffic if you want to profit on ad spend!
We use “unboxing” videos and Customer-submitted content to engage the audience and prove the box is loved by fellow collectors.

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