Case Study: Super Sauna

The Super Sauna is the most innovative and powerful Infrared Sauna on the market. How do you present such a unique and premium-priced device to the marketplace?


Launch a Premium, Sophisticated Product Into the Market

The Super Sauna is the first dynamic energy infrared sauna in the world that provides direct and full-spectrum targeted harmonic energy light waves to your body more effectively than any other infrared sauna available.

The goal is to sell these devices to affluent clientele for their home, and to businesses that cater to clients interested in health, beauty, and fitness.


Build a Commercial Website, Produce Feedmercials, and Generate Leads Through Paid Advertising

The Founder, Warren Starnes, and the President, Jami Facchinello hired the FeedStories team to help them capture their vision for this product and help them launch it into the marketplace.

A website was developed to promote the Super Sauna and generate leads.

An Adwords campaign and a Facebook campaign were launched to targeted prospects.

Jami Testimonial Video

– Jami F, President –

450 Leads In First Quarter After Launch

Using Feedmercials and pinpoint targeting, Super Sauna’s first foray into digital advertising produced over 450 lead from Facebook and Google who were interested in a Super Sauna for their home or office.

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