Case Study: Soar Learning

Learn How an Educational Company Reduced Traffic Costs by 637% and Lead Costs By 292%
Reduction In Click Costs
Reduction In Lead Costs
Video Ad
Goes Viral

Generate Profitable Leads For a New Program For Special Education Teachers

SOAR® began from seeds of frustration from a former “struggling student.” Today, it has grown into a worldwide, best-selling study skills curriculum! Brian Woodcock & Susan Kruger are co-founders of SOAR Study Skills. They are dedicated to ensuring that every student learns how to learn. As parents of two children with ADHD & LD, they are dedicated to providing information and resources to families trying to get proper help for their children with “special needs.”.

The task was to reach Special Education teachers and families to set the framework for the new program. SOAR had already created a compelling 7-part video series to set the stage for their new product. The problem was getting people to engage with it and get them into their funnel and generate leads for less than $20.


Facebook Video Advertising Campaign

We launched a video campaign that follows the Feed Stories methodology. We chose to utilize the videos that already had been produced so that we could get them results quickly.

As you’ll see below, we launched an initial version of the ad and achieve terrible results. We modified the thumbnail and the ad copy and achieve very different results….

Version 1

Version 2

Awesome, Bob! Thank you!!!

We need something like this!! This is the first time in a very long time we’ve had such positive feedback with PPC. We had tried to do this ourselves, but we could never get the type of results you’ve been able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

– Brian Woodcock & Susan Kruger, Co-Founders of SOAR Study Skills.

Astonishing Cost Reduction and Viral Video

Version 1 of the ad was launched to their targeted interest groups and initially flopped. The first campaign was expensive – leads cost $38+ and engagement was almost non-existent. We created an alternate ad (Version 2) with different copy, and used a different thumbnail image on the same video.

Upon launching the new ad, within 12 hours we saw a reductions in Click Cost of 637% and reduction in click costs of 292%. Lead costs plunged well below their threshold of $20.

10% of the people that watched the video Liked it (or loved it) and 10% of the people chose to share it with their friends. This action gave them thousands of free impressions and tons of credibility in the SPED market.

The ad copy matters, the creative (image/video) matter. Don’t just launch one version of an ad – keep trying!
Great content gets shared. Shared content costs an advertiser NOTHING and offers them vast amounts of credibility and reach which dramatically reduces their cost of acquisition.
If you have good content on hand, you can re-purpose it and promote using Facebook ads.

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