Case Study: Roofsimple

Learn How a Local Roofing Company Is Incorporating Video As It Launches a National Brand

Turn a Local Roofing Repair Company Into a National Brand

Mark McShurley and Marty McMahon own Roofsimple, a 5-star rated Roofing Repair Company in Northern Virginia. They have a dream of turning their company into a national brand. Utilizing a unique approach to roofing and having an intense focus on customer satisfaction, Mark and Marty have their sights set on bigger things.

Roofing has traditionally been a fragmented industry, oftentimes having the reputation of being like a “used car business” with uneven quality, poor workmanship, and low customer satisfaction.

Roofsimple has a stellar 5-star reputation with it’s customers, and has been growing a staff of professional people that have turned the industry around in their area and now they are looking to the future.


Video Storytelling

Roofsimple has been working with Feedstories to capture all kinds of video to achieve their objectives.

The first project was to capture the content of their first ever company retreat where Mark and Marty told their story and trained their entire staff on “The Roofsimple Way” of doing things. This content was turned into a set of online training courses for current and future employees to study.

Here’s the highlight video from that retreat:

We have also produced a set of over 40 sales and nurturing videos to use in multiple channels to tell the company story and communicate their value to consumers.

Here’s an example:
“Like Having A Conversation…”

“It feels like a real conversation. You guys are very good at interviewing and it takes a big burden off me to not have to think of everything I need to say. I didn’t have to create a script or create a list of features and benefits. I just literally show up and sit down and its all taken care of. I like that.”

– Mark McShurley, Co-Founder – Roofsimple

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