Case Study: DharmaShop

Learn How a Missional Ecommerce Company Has Grown 33% Shifting To Story-Based Advertising on Facebook
Return on Advertising Spend
Sales Growth

Create Deeper Connection With Prospective Customers and Grow Sales By Telling The Stories Of The Products and the Artisans That Create Them went online in November of 1999, starting with just a few items, then after a family trip to Nepal, founder Sander Cohen dedicated the website to supporting Himalayan Artists. Sander travels to Nepal every year to maintain relationships and make sure their sourcing is ethical and sustainable. Their goal is to build not just a customer base, but a community online that supports the Tibetan, Newar, and Nepalese people and maintains steady sales growth.


Facebook Advertising & High Quality Video

Dharmashop relies on Facebook to both engage new customers and stay connected to existing customers. They deploy and promote a great deal of video that tells the story and highlights various product categories.

A company story video was produced and has been leveraged in a Prospecting Campaign to introduce people to the store. There is no direct selling of products to initial visitors.

To those that engage with the company story video, an extensive nurturing campaign was devised to create a deeper connection and introduce some of the products Dharmashop imports and offers to their customers.

“Bob has proven to be much more than “my Facebook guy”.

He’s provided me sage advice, sound critique, and expert opinions on many matters that affect the performance of my store and it’s future. As a business owner who often feels isolated, I have always wanted someone to hash out the small and big issues that relate to ecommerce. Bob has fulfilled that desire for me.

I’m ecstatic to have more time to devote to my store, and really enthused that Bob gives me more time to coach my club volleyball teams and not be stressed out about my store’s performance. Bob has been more than a hired gun for me and I’m grateful the universe has brought us together.He’s world-class in my opinion.”

– Sander Cohen, Founder – The Dharamshop

Loyal Customers and Growing Sales

Sales growth has been steady each year, and the Feed Stories process used in the last 18 months has produced 3.94x Return on Ad Spend, produces a $1.96 Profit/Visitor for all campaigns, and the Nurturing/Retargeting process using Video ads produces a 9.26x Return on Ad Spend.

The use of video to connect with the audience has been key. Video allowed Sander to talk about the company’s mission and history, as well as show off products.
Storytelling has not only produced measureable results for Prospecting, it also produces daily results for returning customers by engaging them and producing additional sales (increasing the average lifetime customer value)
Both “produced” video and Facebook Live videos have proven to work very well and this content can be used in numerous ways and campaigns

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