Case Study: ComfortTalk

Learn How Dr. Elvira Lang Gained Credibility Bringing a New Medical Technique To Market
New Visitors
Click Through Rate

Gain Credibility and Market Presence

Most of us experience fear, pain and anxiety when visiting a hospital or doctor’s office (and that’s just in the waiting room). Comfort Talk ® is an innovative method of non-pharmaceutical patient sedation. The Comfort Talk techniques tap into the mind’s natural ability to block pain and reduce stress. It is a no nonsense, straightforward approach to patient relaxation or sedation without the use of medication.

Dr. Lang had no Facebook presence, an antiquated website, and no traffic when she hired Bob and Brandon. The goal was to launch Comfort Talk and introduce it to the medical community and build credibility with a sizable fan base and build a website that portrayed authority and professionalism.


Build Credibility

The first step was to build a website that conveys authority and presents Comfort Talk clearly to the medical community.

The next step was to build a Facebook campaign that generated new followers on her Company’s Facebook Page and traffic to her website.

This was done through video advertising, promoting branded articles, book promotional ads, and invitations to live and virtual trainings.

I Love The Website and Love Everything You’ve Done With Us!

I feel confident sending prospects to my website knowing they will see how professional we are and that they will get all the information they need. I never dreamed I would have a fan page with thousands of people that want to hear what I say and read what I write. Thank you so much for helping us achieve so much progress in the past 2 years!

– Dr. Elvira Lang, Founder – Comfort Talk ®

Credibility, Traffic, and Attention.

Through strategic ads placements targeting her ideal clients, Comfort Talk creative has been seen by over 689,000 people. The ad creative produces (on average) a significant Click Thru Rate of 4.1%, with some ads producing CTRs of 10%-15%.

Ads have produced over 26,000 unique, new visitors to the site at a rate less than .35 on average.

Her Facebook page now boasts over 18,000 followers that demonstrates a level of credibility to her prospects, letting them know she’s a serious player and people pay attention to her.

To portray a level of credibility and authority to a new market, you need a professional website
With careful targeting and magnetic creative, you can generate high quality visitors and fans for very little $$

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