Case Study: BBolder

Learn How a Clothing Company Grew From the Kitchen Table to a Multi-Million Dollar Business Telling Their Story on Facebook
Return on Advertising Spend
29 Million
Women Reached

Grow a Niche Clothing Business Which Started From a Kitchen Table To A Reputable Ecommerce Business

Amy Crouse is the founder and creator of Bolder Band™. She’s a Colorado native and a mom of three kids and wife to JD who is also her business partner! Amy enjoys working out, but she could never seem to find the right thing to hold her hair back. She got fed up with the interruption of fixing her headband every few burpees and decided there had to be a better alternative.

So, she took matters into her own hands and began to sew her own. She dusted off her sewing machine and made a few bands to give to her running partners and workout buddies who liked them as much as she did! Thus began the creation of Bolder Band™. In a short time, they have been able to spread our message all over the US and beyond to encourage women (and men) to be part of their Band of Bold, Beautiful People!

The task was to launch a brand new business to active women, typically moms, in the age range of 30-55 with very little startup capital and no base of customers to start with. This would be done by telling her story and inviting women to join her.


Facebook Promotions

Facebook was the perfect medium to find and target her customers. We used our Feed Stories process to combine entertaining videos, compelling copy, strong offers, and promoted user submitted content and testimonials.

Here’s one of the best performing Prospecting Ads we’ve used:
Here’s an alternative Prospecting Ad that promotes a new product:
“Meeting Bob can only be described as a ‘God-thing’.”

“We started with Bob in September of 2013 with a great idea, big vision, and a handful of sales and Facebook fans. We wanted to focus on the business – creating a great product, producing quality content, and developing a world-class fulfillment and customer service team. Bob was challenged to find targeted customers for Bolder Bands and help us tell our story.

The results, quite frankly, are almost too good to be true. It’s been beyond our belief. With Bob’s work over a 4 year period, we achieved a level of sales that we could only dream of and now have an established fan base that currently numbers over 500. With over 150,000 customers (and growing) we have gone from startup to a legit business.

In the process of working together, Bob had become my right-hand man, not only producing thousands of customers per month for us through his expertise, but also providing me wise counsel and guidance on strategic decisions for the business. I wouldn’t be shy to say Bob has become our friend and I’m confident he’ll be part of our company and lives for a long time. I’m thankful that we were given the opportunity to meet and work together.”

– Amy Crouse, Founder –

29 Million Women Reached and 150,000 Customers and Growing has invested heavily in Facebook Advertising and it’s paid off. To date, over 29 Million women have been reached in the News Feed and they have generated over 150,000 Customers. They generate new customers and stimulate ongoing purchases boasting a 2.27x Return on Ad Spend, meaning they are able to spend a $1 to get $2.27 back on a sale.

Amy was encouraged to tell her story from Day 1 and continues to this day. This has set her apart from upstart compeititors who may copy her product, but can’t copy her story!
Retargeting unconverted visitors produces a 4.7x return on ad spend. Bolder Bands are premium products that are more expensive than cheap knockoffs, so nurturing and retargeting are critical to explain the difference and move people off price.
Customer-submitted content (picture and videos) have allowed the community to grow quickly and develop a strong lifetime customer value and repeat purchases year after year.

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