The Fastest and Easiest Way To Be Positioned As An Expert and Get Started With Professional Video

Let people know WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE THE EXPERT TO SERVE THEM by filming your very own "Big Why" Video.

All it takes is about two hours of your time.

You'll spend about an hour with a copywriting expert and nail down your unique selling proposition (USP) so that you are able to articulate your superpower on video without any difficulty.

Then in an hour from the comfort of your home or office, we'll take that tightly packaged description of your superpower and capture it on high definition video so that you can promote it to your prospects and let that video do all the heavy lifting for you! YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO MEMORIZE A SCRIPT.

Your "Big Why" Video Outline:

  • Discovering your ‘Big Idea’ planning session 
  • 30-60 minute remote filming
  • Incorporate your own b-roll footage
  • Incorporate your own branding & logo
  • 3-5 minute video produced

Your "Big Why" Video is then sent to you in as little as a week

Use your Big Why Video on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, your Blog, in Email sequences, on your Website.

Here's What Your "Big Why" Video Does For You

  • Positions you as an expert
  • Consistently provides clarity of sales messaging to prospects who are shopping your products and services
  • Works for you to help people understand who you are and what you do 24-7
  • Adds personalization and connection to your marketing mix
  • Touches more emotional triggers with your prospects than words alone
  • Is perfectly suited for Mobile devices
  • Provides a foundation for future videos

"We wanted to work with someone that knew marketing, copywriting, and videography. Someone that could make it look very professional."

Brandon Alamani,

None of These Feedstories Clients and Subjects Below Are "Professional" Video People, Yet All of Them Filmed and Use a "Big Why" Videos To Promote Their Business!

"You were able to help us view our product from an outsider's perspective and that sparked a lot of conversations...we were able to tell our story more genuinely."

John Li and Justin Chen,

Get Your "Big Why" Video Filmed and Produced Remotely

  • USP Coaching Session so that you completely understand what makes you unique to your market 
  • Director-led remote video shoot
  • Professionally edited and produced video delivered in as little as a week

Schedule a Video Discovery Session To Discuss a  Big Why Video

"I love the naturalness that they brought out. Feedstories created the perfect introduction to my business!"

Amy Bliss,

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